VIKOR SCIENTIFIC Approved Testing for COVID-19

“Vikor Scientific™ is a high complexity CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina that has been approved to test for COVID-19 as of 3-23-2020. The testing will be conducted via the QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Open Array from Thermo Fisher, which is an industry-leading instrument for PCR testing and has the capacity for high throughput, allowing Vikor to test a high volume of patients daily.
Vikor’s testing has a 24-hour turn-around-time upon sample arrival at the lab and can accurately detect over 40 pathogens known to cause respiratory illness.  Just as important, they have one of the largest antibiotic resistance gene panels on the commercial market. Our test reports provide quantitative pathogen results, resistance gene identification and pharmacy guided recommendations.  Should any further assistance be needed, our infectious disease trained PharmDs are available by phone for personal patient consultations. Test results are faxed and loaded onto our portal for easy access.
In effort to protect our most vulnerable population, Vikor Scientific has prioritized offering Respira-ID with COVID-19 testing to LTC facilities nationwide for all symptomatic or exposed patients at risk. Vikor has a step-by-step implementation process that educates the staff on proper collection, completion of the paperwork and obtaining test results.
It is vital during this time to remember that while the COVID-19 virus is our most recent and urgent pathogen invading the United States, there are other significant pathogens that cause hospitalization and death daily.  Vikor’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bill W. Massey, urges providers to conduct full panel testing to not only detect or rule out COVID-19, but to also determine what may be causing the patient’s symptoms. The causative pathogen could be viral, bacterial, or co-infection and lead to significant illness, hospitalizations, and death.
To date the coinfection rate for patients 65 and older who have tested positive for COVID-19 with Vikor has been 76.1% with some patients having up 5 coinfections. The significance of this data cannot be understated clinically as both the COVID-19 virus and the coinfection must be treated at the same time. These coinfection leads to secondary infections which is the main causes of bacterial pneumonia which is treatable.        
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