Fellowship Square Mesa Shares Learning with a Purpose

Learning with a Purpose at Fellowship Square-Mesa

Nancy Merz Nordstrom (author of Learning Later, Living Greater) is one of many researchers and authors who have discovered that having a healthy brain requires more than the daily dose of crossword puzzles and Suduko. Older adult learners, who seek continuous education, or lifelong learning, are feeding their brains in a way that day-to-day ordinary activities do not.

Ms. Merz writes, “Like the body needs healthy food, so does the brain – and this healthy brain food is education.” There are, however, other benefits of lifelong learning in a community like Fellowship Square-Mesa.

  • Connections.One resident attending a weekly lifelong learning class remarked, “I have passed many of these people in the hall for several years. I’ve seen them on the bus to the theatre but I have never really talked with them or laughed with them. Now we are classmates and I feel as if I have new, close friends that will be with me as long as I am here.” Connecting with new friends, being open to new ideas, having common experiences, creating a strong community; all of these are benefits of lifelong learning.
  •   Learning with purpose. Another resident said, “As I read and listen to daily news reports, or reflect on a creative idea, I’m aware of a direct connection to a classroom discussion we have had. It thrills me when that lightbulb goes off; I suddenly want to call someone (my daughter usually gets this call) and tell her what I have discovered. She tells the grandchildren and they call because they want to learn more. I feel really good about myself.”
  •  Opening up to new experiences. We have small group discussions, large group discussions, book studies and book talks; we study famous artists, social movements (19th & 20th century immigration), American icons like Frank Lloyd Wright and Grandma Moses.

Fellowship Square-Mesa sponsors lifelong learning programs for every resident.  Every Saturday afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00 ALLE Learning teams with Independent Living residents who are seeking learning opportunities.  All we are missing is you and your brain, won’t you join us?