Will You Be My Neighbor?

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor,” says Mr. Rogers.

You might be interested in learning that at Fellowship Square-Mesa we have a strong felling of community enhanced by a network of individual neighborhoods. How does that work you might ask. Every floor in our multi-story buildings acts and feels like a good old fashioned neighborhood; we abandoned the “nursing care look and feel” over 20 years ago and today our residents live and thrive in a home like atmosphere with friendly neighbors living next door.

Today each floor has a comfortable gathering space, kitchen and meeting room. Residents get to know the people on their floor as if they were the “neighbor next door.” Several of the neighborhoods begin their day with morning coffee, a home-made sweet treat (baked that morning by one of the residents), the newspaper and friendly neighbors.

When asked about the benefits of living in a senior adult community with a neighborhood atmosphere, residents tell us there are three things that stand out for them.

1.       Peaceful living. Our residents find it is far more peaceful to live among neighbors that they know and that like and respect each other. They also tell us that the way that happens is by getting to know everyone on the floor.

2.       Safety first. Good neighbors watch out for each other. Our residents check in on someone they may not have seen during the day. If someone is ill or recovering from an illness then their neighbors will check in to make sure they are doing OK.

3.       Social connections. Some old fashioned neighborhoods thrive on over-the-fence conversations each day. Our neighborhoods are like that. Residents say that having people close by to socialize with creates wonderful and long lasting friendships.

The “neighborhood” concept at Fellowship Square-Mesa is what sets us apart from other communities. We have programs that assist in assimilation and connection with our community but our individual neighborhoods are the glue that holds it all together. As Mr. Rodgers said, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”