What To Consider NOW When Hiring Home Care Services

Home care agencies can provide in-home care caregivers to consumers, or consumers can hire caregivers either privately or through the use of a registry, which refer self-employed caregivers. Home care agencies and consumers alike have traditionally been exempted by law from paying overtime to the caregivers they employ.
Several new laws will NOW (01/01/2015) impact that affordability. Family Home Care’s President, Donald Irish, was recently featured in the Council on Aging – Orange County Answers Guide. To read the full article click here.
Family Home Care is the legal employer of our entire caregiving team. Health professionals agree that the most important factor in selecting an in-home care agency is to select a company that services as the legal employer of the caregiver and thereby carries the associated legal and financial responsibilities.
The employer model home care agency shields families from legal liability and financial risk. Some home care companies hide the fact that they do not legally employee their caregivers, because this single factor has such broad and far reaching effects.
When you choose Family Home Care for your in-home care needs you can expect the following from our caregivers:
E-Verified W-2 Employees
All Caregivers are Background Checked & have Fingerprint Clearance through the State
Verified Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace
CPR Certified & TB Screened
Previous In-Home Caregiving Experience Verified
Provided with Ongoing & Specialized Training
·         In-House Skills Development Lab
·         80+ Hour Foundational Caregiving Training Program
·         Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Training
·         Hospice & Palliative Care Training
Covered by Extensive Safety Net
·         Workers’ Compensation Insurance
·         Bonded Against Theft/Dishonesty
·         General & Umbrella Liability Coverage
·         Compatibility Guarantee
Driving/Transport Services Provided
Caregiver’s License & Motor Vehicle Insurance Verified
Caregiver’s MVR/DMV Driving History Verified
Multilingual Care Team
·         Please inquire with your specific need
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