Understanding Hearing Loss and What Captionmate Offers!

Fitting In a World of Round Holes as a Hexagonal Peg…(People with Hearing Loss)

Imagine living in a world of hearing people as an individual with significant hearing loss where most people communicate words orally.  And then… imagine yourself as one with significant hearing loss trying to “fit” in THAT hearing world of people whereby you cannot hear adequately enough, that is; to be able to fit in socially, getting an education when you miss half of what the teacher is saying, have meaningful employment, , and misunderstanding what the doctor says/asks“ what is your health problem”.

It is like being a “Hexagonal Peg”..that is; trying to fit in within the “round holes of people who have hearing as a hexagonal peg as one with hearing loss“.  You hear some but not good enough because of the 6 angled edges preventing you from fitting in within the round holes… “understanding” all of what is said and shared.

That is what my life has been like ever since infancy to my senior adult years as a “hexagonal peg individual with hearing loss in a world of round holes of hearing people ”.

Fortunately, there have been advancements in my life that helped “ROUND-OFF” the angular corners as follows:

  • Improved hearing aids and Cochlear Implants
  • Captioning (like what is displayed on TV’s when turned on)
  • Assistive Technology such as Assistive Listening Devices and looping systems
  • Apps for smart phones that provide captioning of real-time conversation
  • Specialized telephones that provide captioning and volume control
  • Increased awareness and sensitivity to hearing loss because of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990), especially that of “Effective Communication
  • Effective training for “speech-reading”, more known as lip-reading from past generations
  • Assertiveness and communication training for improving relationships and job-related communication
  • Great support groups for hearing loss on Facebook and other discussion forums
  • Nationally recognized hearing loss organizations such as the HLAA-Hearing Loss Association of America, ALDA-Association of Late Deafened Adults, and more!!

The above list can go on and on to more possibilities but there is one point to remember, it takes initiative, awareness, and effort on the part of those with hearing loss and with hearing to have “Effective Communication” that in effect… removes the communication barriers for all concerned, a  WIN-WIN Result!.

There is one app that I really appreciate which is CaptionMate.  This is a FREE app that provides, real time captioning when one is using a cell phone or other telephones to truly understand CONVERSATION during a phone call.  It is amazing!!  To learn more about it, go to www.captionmate.com and find out for yourself.

It is my hope that in the years of my lifetime that I have left that I will continue to see and experience even more great improvements living S – U – C – C – E – S – S – F – U – L – L – Y with hearing loss.  I am no longer a “Hexagonal Peg” in a round hole world of hearing people. YES !!!  Let me close with this; …. I can’t wait to see the good come out of this situation as one living with hearing loss.

For more information please contact Captionmate at:  www.captionmate.com or call 1-800-898-0034