Top 4 Leisure Activities for Aging Adults in Prescott

Fun Leisure Activities for Seniors in Prescott, AZ
After retiring, people over 65 often have extra time on their hands, which gives them a chance to pick up a new hobby or just enjoy some of the fun and relaxing activities their local communities offer. In Prescott, there are plenty of leisure activities seniors can partake in, and the Prescott, AZ, in-home senior care experts at Home Care Assistance want to share 4 your aging loved one might enjoy.

1. Appreciating Art at the Phippen Museum

If your loved one wants to learn about local artists, he or she should head over to the Phippen Museum. Located just north of the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, this small museum is home to dozens of rotating and permanent exhibits. In addition to receiving discounts on their own admission, local seniors can also buy affordable group passes for family and friends. Yearly memberships include unlimited free admissions and a 10 percent discount at the museum store.

2. Going on Wine Tours

A wine tour is a great way for your loved one and his or her closest friends to spend a little time outdoors while learning more about the art of making wine. Many of the leading wine tour companies offer free pickups and drop offs throughout Prescott, Sedona, and the surrounding communities, which is an excellent option if your loved one no longer drives or would like to avoid driving after a wine tasting tour. Companies like Sedona Wine Adventures even offer discounted food and drinks for groups of 5 or more.

3. Playing Games at the Adult Center

Playing competitive games is one of the best ways your loved one can keep his or her mind active and alert, and the Adult Center of Prescott is the perfect place to learn new games or enjoy the classics. Throughout the week, this center hosts a number of small events for adults who would like to try out games like mahjong and dominoes. Membership packages currently start at $55 per year and offer seniors access to gaming events, language classes, and the pool and exercise facilities.

4. Joining the Prescott Photography Group

With iconic scenery and beautiful views throughout the area, Prescott is the perfect city to learn more about amateur photography. The Prescott Photography Group accommodates photographers of all ages and skill levels and offers a variety of online and offline resources, including forums and how-to books. Members are invited to meet at the Prescott Public Library once a month to discuss tips, tricks, and stories about their latest photography adventures.
By hiring a Prescott, AZ, home caregiver from Home Care Assistance, your loved one can receive transportation any day of the week to enjoy activities such as these. Our caregivers also make wonderful social companions and are expertly trained to help seniors maintain happy and healthy lives. For more information on our elderly care services and to schedule a free in-home consultation, call 928-771-0105 today.