Tips For Reinventing Yourself As You Age


It’s never too late to find a new career, a new sport, passion or hobby.
The numbers of people over 45 is growing every year. People are hoping to stay active and vibrant as long as possible. There are over 76 million baby boomers today over 50, and the first of the 82.1 million Generation X-ers are about to reach that milestone in 2015. To get you started on re-inventing yourself, here are 5 tips from Healthy Aging Magazine:
  1. Do not act your age or at least what you think your current age should act like. What was your best year so far? 27? 41? Now? Picture yourself at that age and simply be it.
  2. Be positive in your conversations and your actions every day. When you catch yourself complaining, stop, take a moment and change the conversation to something positive.
  3. Have negative friends who complain all of the time and constantly talk about how awful everything is? Drop them. As cruel as that may sound, distance yourself from people who do not have a positive outlook on life. They will only get you down and stop your growth.
  4. Walk like a vibrant, healthy person. Make a conscious effort to take big strides, walk with your heel first and wear comfortable shoes.
  5. Stand up straight. You can knock off the appearance of a few extra years with this trick your mother kept trying to tell you. Fix your stance and practice it every day. You will look great and feel better.
What tips do you have? Or do you have a story to share about what you do to stay motivated to be the best version of yourself?

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