Stand-up Wheelchairs by Ability Center

Stand-up Wheelchairs at Ability Center

There are many different types of wheelchairs for those seeking improved mobility. Traditional wheelchair options range from manual to automatic wheelchairs and also include products such as standing wheelchairs. The standing wheelchair is a product that can benefit those in need of more specialized mobility by providing a comfortable and convenient mean of transportation.
Stand-up wheelchairs are the perfect product for users whose muscles will not support them enough to stand up. Most stand-up wheelchairs can accommodate users up to 265 pounds. These wheelchairs often work best for individuals whose finger and arm control is sufficient on at least one side. Many people with paraplegia, quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, and cerebral palsy have found great success using a stand-up wheelchair model.
Stand-up wheelchairs also offer a selection of health benefits for their users. These wheelchairs offer a wide variety of standing positions that can accommodate almost every user. One benefit of the stand-up wheelchair is the increased circulation it can provide. The unit raises and lowers without jerking to provide a more comfortable ride. The standing position can also reduce strain and stress on sensitive body parts.
The benefits of using a stand-up wheelchair range from a quieter motor to not needing a separate standing frame and much more. For more information on the stand-up wheelchairs offered at Ability Center, feel free to contact today!
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