Skin Care Tips For Seniors

As we age, our skin care needs evolve, and the routine that has worked for decades may no longer leave our skin feeling healthy. Medication, diet, and state of health can each affect the health of our skin. Seniors’ skin tends to be delicate and sensitive, requiring special care. These skin care tips can help you ensure that your loved one’s skin remains in the best of health.

Stay hydrated!

Water is vital to many aspects of our health, and our skin is no exception. Drinking enough water each day adds to skin elasticity and durability. Check the medication information of your loved one’s prescriptions. Some drugs may increase their need for hydration.

Stay moisturized!

Older skin has a greater challenge maintaining a good level of moisture. Drinking water is the first step, but you can also help retain that hydration through a good quality moisturizer. Your loved one will feel pampered if you treat them with a moisturizer that contains a scent that they love. If they have a difficult time applying lotion, do not be afraid to ask if you can assist them. Look for a cream with Vitamins A & E, as well as antioxidants and aloe.

Eat right!

As with drinking water, consuming a healthy diet is essential for the health of our skin. The proper intake of calories, vitamins, and minerals is an important step toward senior skin health. Leafy green vegetables, avocados, and fish each contain wonderful nutrients for senior skin.

Block sun!

Though it may feel relaxing and warm on your face, the sun can cause significant damage. Not only does too much sun exposure cause age spots and wrinkles, but just one sunburn increases your risk of skin cancer. Enjoy outdoor activities with plenty of sunscreen to protect delicate senior skin. Find some shade, wear a hat, and definitely skip the tanner.

Reduce pressure!

Easing the stress in your life will certainly smooth those frustrated lines in your forehead, but have you considered the physical pressure placed on skin? When we squint in bright sunshine or because we cannot see, we place pressure on the skin around our eyes that leads to fine lines. Wear prescription lenses and sunglasses to ease this pressure. If you sleep on your front or side, you are placing pressure on your face all night! Shift to your back for healthier skin with less wrinkles.