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About Vikor Scientific | Phoenix

Vikor Scientific is aiming to create a NEW BLUEPRINT of how molecular diagnostics are integrated into clinical practice.

We believe the antibiotic resistance crisis is fueled by providers not having a rapid and accurate diagnostic solution. Providers have had to overprescribe antibiotics prophylactically, while waiting on a diagnosis. Culture and sensitivity has been failing providers for years and yet there had been minimal advancement in commercial practice to replace it.

Offering solutions to fight ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE.

Molecular diagnostics was being tested in research and medical institutions and proving to be a rapid and accurate solution but the path to commercialization seemed grim.

Serious about improving CLINICAL and ECONOMIC OUTCOMES.

The WHO (World Health Organization) published a prediction in 2012 that more people would die from infections in 2050 than cancer. This was the statistic that moved the co-Founders to find a solution.


We began researching the top MDROs (multi-drug resistant organisms) across the United States, along with the most common infections per area of medical discipline. We’re creating customized pathogen panels to answer a clinical need for data that could change patient outcomes if delivered in a timely manner.

PEOPLE following a PASSION.

Many times, it isn’t enough to only rule out viral pathogens when many patients are suffering from bacterial co-infections. Even after identifying pathogens, it can still be difficult to adequately treat patients if we are unaware of the resistance genes they carry that could prevent successful eradication of the infection.


At Vikor, we strive to give providers all of the pertinent data within a 24 hour time frame, so they can provide therapies that truly changes patient outcomes.