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About Stepwise Patient Advocacy

Stepwise Patient Advocacy was established by Dr. Nancy Keller, Ph.D., a healthcare veteran with over four decades of experience in academic medical centers and the pharmaceutical industry. Having observed the struggles that patients and their families face while navigating the intricate healthcare system, Dr. Keller committed herself to ensuring that individuals receive the care they rightfully need and deserve. As a Board Certified Patient Advocate, she offers a wealth of knowledge and resources to empower you in making informed decisions about your healthcare. From Tucson, Arizona, Dr. Keller extends services to clients across the country. Advocacy is available for all, with a mission to deliver impartial, nonjudgmental support that respects your independence and offers peace of mind.

Services provided to you, or a loved one can include:

• Accompany you to medical appointments
• Make doctor appointments for you and schedule other services on your behalf
• Explain options to help you make informed healthcare decisions
• Medications review and safety check
• Obtain, review, and organize health records
• Educate you about your medical condition - how the body works and what causes disease
• Assist you in managing a chronic disease so you can reach your goals and stay on course
• Investigate the latest scientific research on your condition and identify new treatment options
• Determine if you would benefit from participating in a clinical research trial