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About Rejuvenate Your Health

Achieve Optimal Health - A State of Complete Physical, Mental and Social Well-Being!

What if you could experience a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth?

 By age 30, you have lost HALF of your cell activity.
 By age 60, you will lose ALMOST ALL of your cell activity.
 The LESS Cell activity you have – the FASTER you AGE and the Slower You Heal.
 Start living healthier without the use of harmful drugs or chemicals. - Contact me for your gift of X39 patches!

My passion for seeking a career in the medical field started when I was 7 years old. My grandmother had a stroke and lay paralyze in bed for many years, unable to speak. All I wanted to do was help people get well. However, I had my own struggles due to four car accidents that left me with 24 years of
challenges and $50,000 in debt. I never gave up looking for answers. My journey to resolve my own health issues led me to a career change over 25 years ago. Most recently I was introduced to patented technology that activates and regenerates your own cells for age reversal benefits. At age 79, my energy, stamina, mental clarity and overall wellness is better than I ever imagined!

Sandie Sopko, RT 602-793-1007
(1964 Graduate Protestant Deaconess Hospital School of Radiology)
Regenerative/Age Reversal Technology -
Hydration/Nutritional Supplements –
Senior Community Speaker & Hydration Stations
Volunteer, GPS (Golf Programs in Schools) Free Family Fund Days, Sun City Country Club. Married 59 years – 4 Adult Kids – 4 Grandkids