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Let our elder law attorneys help to ensure you receive the maximum ALTCS benefits available, while preserving as many of your assets as possible. 79% of ALTCS applicants were denied eligibility for long-term care coverage. Although this denial rate is disturbingly high, individuals might overcome eligibility issues by making simple reparations. At JacksonWhite, you will find a team of Elder Law attorneys, social workers, and benefit processors who work together to help you or your loved ones qualify for long-term care financing in Arizona.

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What is ALTCS?

Arizona Long-Term Care System, or ALTCS, is a branch of Arizona’s Medicaid program that covers long-term health care for qualifying individuals and is unique to Arizona.

Despite the similarity in titles, Medicaid is very different from Medicare, and the two should not be confused. Above all else, ALTCS differs from Medicare because it is needs based, meaning that only those who meet strict eligibility requirements qualify for the benefit.

ALTCS Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the ALTCS program, you must be an Arizona resident over the age of 65. You must also be able to meet certain medical and financial criteria in order to be approved for long-term care in Arizona.

Veterans may also be eligible for special benefits as well.

ALTCS Monthly Income Limits

Whether an applicant is married or single determines the amount of income they can receive under the ALTCS program rules.

A single applicant can have up to $2,523* in gross monthly income.

A married applicant applying for ALTCS alone is limited to $2,523* in gross monthly income and their spouse’s income is not considered unless they are over the limit.

Married applicants both applying, each spouse must have an income at or below $2523, or must have a combined income of no more than $5046; depending on placement

Even if your monthly income is more than these limits, we can still help you qualify for ALTCS.