ArchWell Health | Phoenix

About ArchWell Health | Phoenix

At ArchWell Health, what matters to you, matters to us. When we know your habits, we improve your health. Our doctors are dedicated to better primary care for seniors. And better begins with more time.

Spend more time with the doctor. We spend time with each member listening to your symptoms and your needs. It’s how we create a personalized plan to help you stay healthy and live the life you want.

Get convenient, comprehensive care. Whether it’s telehealth or same-day appointments, primary care should be easy. Our care team helps coordinate referrals and transportation assistance to and from appointments, if needed. You can focus on your health, and we’ll take care of the details. ArchWell Health is more than a doctor’s office for seniors. It’s a community with a variety of on-site health services for your convenience.

On-site wellness and preventive testing. Routine lab work is available, as needed, so your physician has a full picture of your health. Other on-site health screenings include:

Cardiology telehealth appointments
Dementia screening (cognitive testing)
Depression screening
Fall Risk Assessment
Influenza A and B, COVID, and strep tests
Neuropathy screenings
Non-invasive procedures (like ear cleanings and nail clipping)
Retinopathy screenings
Routine blood testing including glucose, hemoglobin, A1C, and INR
Skin check for cancer
Urinary Incontinence Assessment
Urine analysis including low enriched uranium, proteinuria, urine specific gravity, glucose, urobilinogen, blood, bilirubin
Vaccinations for shingles, flu, tetanus, and pneumonia

Connect with the community. More than a clinic, we’re a community gathering place for seniors to come together and enjoy fitness classes, games, and other daily social activities.

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