Person Centered Care

One of the most popular trends in senior adult living is the focus on “person centered care” and “person centered perks.” We know that person centered care is clinical care and is specific and unique to an individual.

While we might think that “person centered perks” is different than care, in reality we can address it the same way. What do we need to do to keep our residents engaged and connected to the world around us? The word “perks” changes the dynamic because we are no longer talking about medicine or therapy. We are talking about “lifestyle.” So now we can ask the question, “What can we do to improve the lifestyle of our residents?”  While we believe that we offer a unique lifestyle at Fellowship Square Mesa we also believe that we need to improve every single day.

1.      Our technology needs to be current and accessible to everyone. We have recently deployed the “Center of Aging Excellence Resident Portal.” This virtual and physical Portal enables our residents to schedule repairs, transportation and even RSVP for a special event, all from the comfort of their apartments. In addition they can view their bill, see an interactive calendar, the weekly menu, TV Guide, and newsletter.

2.      Recreation, exercise, and health and wellness programs need to be robust and include a plethora of options: group classes, individual sessions with a trainer, open gym times, walking programs and health & wellness classes are an example of what we offer.
3.      Lifelong learning classes are available to every resident who lives on our campus: independent living, assisted living, memory care, etc. Classes are presented by our trained staff and include topics that our residents easily relate to: “Anne and Charles Lindbergh,” “Henry Ford,” “Route 66,” “1935, It Was a Big Deal,” and “All that Jazz!” Our residents have an opportunity to engage in conversation and reminisce about their experiences with these topics.

The one size-fits-all approach to lifestyle programs is no longer relevant for our hip residents! Contact us to learn more about our exciting community by visiting our website www.fellowshipsquareseniorliving.orgor by calling 1.888.460.2182