Parkinson’s Awareness Month by Amada Senior Care

April and its warmer weather serve as a beacon of hope and recognition for Parkinson’s Awareness Month—a time dedicated to empowering those affected by Parkinson’s disease.

We at Amada Senior Care are more than just aware; we are actively involved in making life better for seniors diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This month and beyond, our focus is on not only raising awareness but also providing personalized support through our specially trained caregivers.

Tailored Care for Seniors with Parkinson’s

Amada caregivers are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to assist seniors with Parkinson’s in maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle within the comfort of their homes. Their training includes:

Understanding Parkinson’s and how the disease progresses
Assisting with recommended mobility and exercises
Preparing nutritional meals that adhere to the PD client’s care plan. Ensuring a safe home environment to mitigate the risks of falls Reminding Parkinson’s clients of medication and therapy schedules

Other Ways Amada Caregivers Make a Difference

Companionship and Empathy: The journey through Parkinson’s can be challenging, and our caregivers are here to offer a friendly face, listening ear, and compassionate heart, adding a touch of joy and friendship to everyday life.

Family Respite and Support: At Amada, we don’t just care for our clients; we’re also here for their overwhelmed families, providing respite, peace of mind and resources to help navigate the complexities of caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s.

Evolving Care Plans: We understand that Parkinson’s affects individuals differently and Amada caregivers know how to adapt to the evolving needs of clients, ensuring they receive the appropriate care at every disease stage.

Join Us in Recognizing Parkinson’s Awareness Month

This month, many of our Amada offices will be participating in educational and fundraising events in honor of senior clients and families facing Parkinson’s disease. Please know that you as our valued referral partner always can depend on Amada Senior Care as a resource, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever questions arise about non-medical, in-home care that supports the PD patients you work with.