Oasis Seated Shower System for Optimal Accessible Bathing – Tempe Arizona

Oasis Seated Shower System for Optimal Accessible Bathing Tempe AZ

Patients/residents want to feel safe and secure while bathing, but sometimes more importantly they want to maintain as much independence and dignity as possible. No one wants to be bathed or taken care of, as humans we want to stay as independent for as long as possible. But in life accidents, injuries, and disease processes happen, and when the time comes that you can no longer take care of yourself or live alone you want to be in a place where you can still be safe, but maintain as much dignity as possible. The Oasis seated shower system can offer independence and dignity to the individual that can no longer bath themselves in a safe and accessible manner.
Let’s take a look at what the Oasis seated shower can provide to the individual and care taking staff.
The Oasis is fully automated, and is equipped with a push-button soap application and rinse system that is easy to use. The innovative seating surface has four moving pads that independently raise and lower to clean and rinse sensitive areas of the body. Bathing functions can be operated either by the bather, or by a caregiver via a detachable control panel from up to 9 feet away. This feature provides that extra piece of independence and dignity for the individual.
  • The Oasis seated shower system also prevents slips and falls in the shower by providing the individual with a comfortable seat to sit on.
  •  It also reduces bathing time and water use.
  • Helps prevent bacterial infections and illness from waterborne pathogens by thoroughly washing and rinsing away dirty water.
  • Reduces strain and improves overall job satisfaction and professional standards for Caregivers.
Here at ADL Solutions in Tempe AZ we pride ourselves on providing our clients and customers with the best possible solutions that will meet their needs. The Oasis seated shower system provides facilities with the ability to safely bath their patients/residents and give them that little extra bit of dignity and as much independence as possible. If you are a facility, hospital, or work in a skilled nursing or assisted living community and are looking for a better option for your care giving staff and residents, take a closer look at the Oasis seated shower system for accessible bathing in Tempe AZ.