National Decision Day

Talking about our end-of-life wishes isn’t easy! Yet, it’s one of the most crucial conversations your senior patients or senior clients can have with their family members or closest friends.

Families faced with having to make complex healthcare decisions for a senior loved one who is seriously ill or has become incapacitated by a health crisis is the reason why National Healthcare Decisions Day exists. Today, all of us are encouraged to learn more about Advanced Care Planning and take action.

Advanced Care Planning (also known as an Advance Health Care Directive) lets seniors take control of future healthcare decisions and ensures that even in case of an unexpected health crisis, emergency care or end-of-life care is carried out as per their preferences.

By having an ACP in place, seniors will significantly alleviate the emotional toll and guilt that can burden the family members or close friends they hold dear. National Healthcare Decisions Day also serves as a reminder for ACP documents to be easily accessible and updated periodically.

The three core components of ACP include:

  1. Choosing an Advocate: This person helps make healthcare decisions in case the senior is unable to.
  2. Discussing Values: The senior makes note of health goals, values and preferences.
  3. Document Wishes: Having the senior’s decisions in writing will provide a clear guide for loved ones.

We often associate Advance Care Planning with the elderly. ACP is for everyone regardless of age or current health status. With an ACP in place, we can eliminate the guesswork for our loved ones, ensure our preferences are respected and provide comfort to our families during challenging times.

As National Healthcare Decisions Day is upon us, let’s use this opportunity to bring up this crucial topic with our senior patients and senior clients. If you have a senior patient or senior client who would like more information or guidance on Advance Care Planning, please don’t hesitate to reach out. At Amada Senior Care, we are happy to help start the conversation.

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