MO MedTrans, LLC Invites You to Meet “The Nile”

Meet “The Nile”

Meet the latest addition  to our family, a new 2014 Nissan NV 2500 full-van. It is customized and fitted for safety and comfort. It is capable of accommodating customers who are ambulatory, need to be on wheelchairs or must lay flat on a stretcher during a trip. This van meets ADA requirements and is equipped with the latest safety features. For added comfort, it has a separate rear AC system – ask your transportation providers if their full-vans have rear AC units, which is critical in the Arizona heat!
The Nile is a great addition to our family and more specifically being part of our assisted wheelchair and stretcher non-emergency medical transportation services.
This van was named after the majestic Nile, the longest river on earth, which runs through eleven countries. It originates in the heart of Africa and runs north to end at the Mediterranean Sea. The Nile is made up of two main tributaries, the Blue Nile and the White Nile. And, you guessed right, we have two vans named after those two rivers as well.
Why do we Give our Vehicles Names?
Great question. Our vans are part of our team. As such, we give them names for tracking and identification instead of the traditional fleet asset number used by most transportation companies. A number strips a vehicle from its identity, while a name enhances its personality. We also believe that drivers, as well as customers, react differently to a name compared to just a number. Nothing exciting about “Van #3014″ – seriously!
Our current fleet has names from exotic places in Africa – relatively exotic of course! Names such as: Casablanca,KilimanjaroLuxorMadagascarZanzibar, etc.
We will continue to give our vehicles names; at a minimum, we hope to promote world geography.
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