MO MedTrans, LLC ~ Are you a Taxi Cab Company?

Are you a Taxi/Cab Company?

Here is an answer to another question we get asked frequently. An answer that will shed light on who we are and how we operate, as well as certain things that make us unique:
We are not a Taxi/Cab Company
We are different in many ways, and more specifically in how we are licensed and the level of service we provide:
  • We are licensed as a livery service.
  • Our trips are not metered. We let our customers know how much it would cost them beforehand, and they agree to the price upfront. This gives them peace of mind; a meter keeps running and charging for traffic delays, it’s running even while a taxi vehicle is not moving.
  • Our assisted transportation services are door-through-door, hand-to-hand, and bedside-to-bedside – while a traditional taxi provides curb-to-curb service. This means a taxi driver expects the customer to be waiting outside on the sidewalk by the curb, and the customer will be dropped and left at the curb – while we assist customers based on their needs and preferences.
  • We can transport customers who must lay flat during a trip. We provide stretcher bedside-to-bedside service. This requires specialized equipment and training.
  • We are licensed to supply Oxygen.
  • Unlike a taxi drivers, who are independent contractors, our drivers are employees of the company.
  • Our drivers do not expect to receive tips.
  • You can not hail our vehicles like you do a taxi.
  • Our drivers  have to be CPR/First Aid certified, and they also have to undergo pre-employment DOT physical exam and DOT drug screening.
  • Our drivers must obtain a DPS fingerprint card.
We are not an Ambulance either
While we are at it, it’s worth distinguishing between our services and those of an ambulance. The fundamental difference is that we do NOT provide emergency medical transportation. This means, we do not provide any medical monitoring during a trip, nor do we carry any medical equipment in our vehicles. Our main focus is non-emergency medical transportation; unlike ambulances we do not have EMTs working for us. We fully comply with Arizona law; we do not take customers to the emergency room (ER) and we do not transport customers who have IV’s, trachs (from tracheotomy) or PEG tubes. Per Arizona Statute 36-2223, they must be transported using an ambulance for non-emergency purposes, and even if they are stable.

Always remember to call 911 in case of an emergency