Maintaining Your Mental Agility

Maintaining Your Mental Agility
by Carla Sutter

When I was growing up Sunday mornings at my house included a newspaper and a pencil. My dad would lead the charge and attempt to complete the New York Times crossword puzzle. While we were never confident enough to use a pen; among the four of us we could answer enough of the puzzle to feel challenged and victorious all at the same time. Today, crossword puzzles have gone digital. In addition, there are a multitude of online as well as print games to keep every family engaged over a weekend. For the elderly poor eyesight, isolation, decreased dexterity and cognitive decline minimize the opportunity to participate in activities that challenge one’s brain.
new study from the University of Texas explores the importance that mental challenges can have on sharpening the aging brain. Continuous learning opportunities is showing itself to be one of the mainstays of healthy aging and quality of life. SYNERGY HomeCare staff recognize the need for mental stimulation and ensure that our caregivers are not simply providing assistance with the activities of daily living such as: bathing, grooming, assistance with mobility and dressing, but just as importantly are offering brain engaging activities during their visits.

Caregivers are using technology to provide musical programs that are based on music therapy techniques. Programs such as which offers brain training programs personalized to the client can be added into the care plan. In addition, caregivers focus on re-engaging clients with social activities in their community, accompanying them to museums, lectures and family get-togethers; all activities that will stimulate the brain and enhance quality of life.
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Carla Sutter
Carla, Director of Operations for SYNERGY HomeCare Franchisor, holds her Masters in Social work and is a Certified Advanced Case Manager with the NASW.  Carla has dedicated her over 25 year career to helping clients and families care for themselves and others whose needs are changing due to age or illness. She has provided training to companies and individuals throughout the United States and Canada.

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