Keeping Up With Technology

Keeping Up with Technology
Have you ever asked yourself why technology is so important today? Although your generation may not have been raised on technology you were certainly the genesis for the growth of technology. Today we are surrounded by technology and believe it or not we need technology. Just think it was not that long ago that microwave ovens were invented, they were expensive and not well understood. When I was growing up the term “NUKE IT” meant duck under my desk at school because the Russian’s were coming. But today it means warm up a cup of coffee or a meal.  
As the Executive Director at Fellowship Square-Mesa, it is my responsibility to provide long term road maps for all things related to successful aging experiences for our residents.  From the beginning, nearly 20 years ago, Fellowship Square-Mesa has been a leader in using technology to improve the aging experience for our Residents.  From the day we opened we offered cable TV, in-house resident channels, and emergency alert buttons for each resident.
In 2005, we added individual resident coaxial Internet access with our private broadband system. Today every resident can receive email speed Internet access (1 MB) included at no additional charge in their basic monthly fee. We recently added 8 more HD 720p television stations and our residents now have 32 HD channels available for their viewing pleasure (with an additional 16 being added).  
The technology that we have in place today includes five in-house resident TV channels, cable TV, high definition TV, and Wi-Fi connectivity for every resident who wants it. The resident emergency call system now uses triangulation to locate pendants anywhere on the 10 acre campus, including parking lots.
We recently deployed a new technology we call the “Fellowship Square-Mesa Center of Aging Excellence” or the “Resident Portal.” This Portal has been designed specifically for our residents. By logging on you can view your bill (eventually you will be able to pay your bill from the Portal), schedule a repair or transportation service; read about a popular new book, or learn about an upcoming lifelong learning class.
Technology is very important to our community; now routine tasks, administrative functions and oversight responsibilities can be handled through automation. Technology gives us a way to improve communication with each resident. Whether we use the in-house resident channels or the Resident Portal we want you to always know that you have received up-to-date and meaningful information from Fellowship Square-Mesa.
The last factor related to our use of technology is that it can help the staff do their jobs better. We want all of our staff members to be well trained and quick to respond to any question or issue you may have. We can use technology to give staff access to information, to track job certifications and provide feedback to you, the resident.
If you have any feedback related to the access or use of technology at Fellowship Square-Mesa, please send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you.