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We are pleased to announce our newest advertiser in the 
SPOTLIGHT Senior Services & Living Options Guide
We Believe in a Better Way of Helping Those Traveling with Medical Needs.
Trinity Air Medical is a global medical escort company that transports patients via commercial airlines or private aircraft. We believe that solid relationships, friendships and partnerships are the foundation for providing exceptional patient care. We value the relationships we have established in Maricopa County and enjoy the opportunity to partner with companies who also have a passion for helping the senior community.
Why partner with us?
·      We are experienced in this type of travel.
·      We can assist your resident/patient/client- by helping them relocate them to or from Arizona.
·      We can reduce your liability-do not risk sending an untrained employee to accompany a resident/client when traveling. This could place you at risk for liability.
·      We can help increase your credibility- when you refer vetted partners to your clients.
We believe that no one should be denied the luxury of air travel just because they have medical needs.
We cater to patients who require supplemental oxygen, have mobility limitations, memory impairments or mental health conditions; feeding tubes or drains; or require intravenous medication administration. Our clinicians monitor vital signs throughout the trip and can administer all routine or over-the-counter medications as required.
Our team of physicians, registered nurses, certified emergency paramedics and respiratory therapists come from diverse medical backgrounds. Our staff was hand-selected because of the high-level of quality, compassionate care they provide. We are proud of this amazing group of clinicians who go above and beyond for our clients. 

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