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Werner G. Nistler, Jr.

Touchmark has been serving people since 1980, when Werner G. Nistler, Jr. founded the company. Today, as Chairman, he works with CEO Marcus Breuer to instill Touchmark’s mission and values among approximately 2,000 team members who each day delight nearly 3,000 residents.
Touchmark’s values—hospitality, compassion, excellence, teamwork, and integrity—are the building blocks Touchmark uses to reach its ultimate mission:To enrich people’s lives.  Many have recognized this commitment to excellence. Over the years, Touchmark has received numerous awards and accolades for its programs and communities. 
                                                                                                                    Marcus Breuer
Touchmark’s Fact Sheet.
Touchmark at The Ranch Fact Sheet.

Senior Living Options in Prescott
Never before has there been a better time to live well and enjoy life to the fullest!
Experience a new lifestyle that supports your dreams, avocations, and personal independence in a Touchmark community. When you free yourself from the monotony of household and yard chores, you have more time to pursue your interests. Touchmark offers numerous services—such as housekeeping, scheduled transportation, maintenance assistance, and many amenities—that offer you more freedom.
Our award-winning Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program™ is customized to residents’ interests and includes physical activity, lifelong learning, celebrations, classes in brain building, opportunities to connect with young people, and much more.
Choose from a full range of cottages and apartments that feature bright light, spacious storage, and design details that make your home comfortable. We also offer a full menu of dining options and exceptional cuisine.
Enjoy a carefree lifestyle. Have fun—and stay active with friends who share your interests!
Prescott Senior Services & Amenities
Many retirement communities provide only one or two services. Yet, the availability of a broad continuum of care is extremely important.
Most individuals moving to Touchmark remark that they wished they had moved here sooner. They are thrilled to eliminate the headaches of home maintenance. As their needs increase, they are often able to remain within the community—where they have established important connections with staff and made friends with other residents—and get the care they need.
At Touchmark, each community offers a broad range of services that includes independent living, assisted living, memory care, and our award-winning Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program™.
Additional services are offered at some communities. These can include a health and fitness club, enhanced assisted living, early memory support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation, home health, and home care.
Touchmark … offering a PLENTI{FULL} array of services.
Life Enrichment and Wellness
Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program™
Partnering with Touchmark residents to identify their needs, passions, and unique abilities—then working together to bring these elements to life—is the core of Touchmark’s Full Life program.
People at every age and stage of ability wish to remain productive, contributing members of their community. We all look for ways to stay mentally and physically independent and active. We seek resources to meet our spiritual needs. We challenge ourselves to keep growing and expanding our knowledge. We cherish family and social connections and enjoy celebrating each new day. Touchmark’s dynamic Full Life program identifies and then focuses on the strengths, skills, needs, interests, and goals of each person living in a Touchmark community. Our program mission is to encourage and fully support residents in living happier, healthier lifestyles. Partnering with Touchmark, residents become personally involved and engaged and take ownership of their own goals and well-being. 
The 7 Dimensions of Wellness
We focus on these seven dimensions of wellness to promote overall purpose and self-esteem. Our calendar of events incorporates each of these dimensions to help residents achieve whole-person wellness.
Having a strong sense of self-worth, being aware of and accepting feelings, and coping with challenges in a positive way.
Respecting resources, choosing green options, and finding ways to appreciate nature.
Engaging in new and challenging activities, participating in lifelong learning pursuits, and sharing ideas with others.
Living a life of purpose, utilizing unique skills and passions, and cultivating personal satisfaction.
Making healthy lifestyle choices to maintain or improve health and function through physical activity, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and stress management.
Creating and maintaining healthy relationships, engaging in positive interactions, and feeling connected to your community.
Living with a sense of purpose, being guided by personal values, and finding a connection to the world and others.

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