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The Reason for Innovative Senior Living

The owners and staff of Innovative Senior Living believe in giving exceptional care for those in need of assisted living. Everything we do is a result of our passion for serving those that have physical or cognitive difficulty and need assistance with daily living.

Thirteen years ago, Bobby Larson and Klaus Axen saw how seniors in need of assisted living were underserved.  Large facilities are too impersonal and institutional; smaller homes don’t have the amenities seniors need to remain active.  Their research backed up their inclination: seniors have a higher quality of life and age in place better by being served in a home with 10 residents or less.

Soon after, Bobby and Klaus formed Innovative Senior Living so that people in need of assisted living could live in a small group home and receive great care and have pioneered the “small home concept.”  ISL is one of the few companies in the country that has successfully built a family-centered neighborhood model. 

Twelve years ago, Innovative Senior Living bought a subdivision and started building the Villas at La Cañada on Tucson’s northwest side.  The neighborhood now consists of 10, 10-bedroom homes and is clustered on a 17-acre campus.  The homes are staffed with two caregivers to serve the 10 residents in each home.  Residents receive home cooked meals and snacks, have access to activities, and most services a resident would need — like a beauty salon — are available onsite.  Because multiple homes are clustered on one campus, we are able to provide more amenities — like a physical fitness center, beauty salon, walking paths, gardens, and out door spaces.  

After construction on the neighborhood was complete, Bobby’s mom, Wanda, moved into the Villas at La Canada.  The reason for starting ISL came full circle:  Wanda lived in a family-centered home where she liked the care so much she called her favorite care giver “mom.”  The Villas at  La Cañada provided physical and mental stimulation, fostered great friendships and Wanda loved the home-cooked meals.  

The experience Bobby gave to his mom is the experience he wants to give to anyone needing assisted living.

Bobby and Klaus are using their experience to expand.  The Villas of Houghton, a nine-home neighborhood on Tucson’s east side was complete in October of last year.  Currently, Innovative Senior Living is in the process of building The Villas of Green Valley, south of Tucson.  ISL wants to expand anywhere the eldercare community is underserved.  You are welcome to call Klaus about development opportunities.

Please click on the neighborhood websites (at right) for more specific information on ISL’s neighborhoods.  The websites can only show so much; we would rather see in person.  Call Bobby Larson at 520-730-5271 to setup a tour of any of our neighborhoods.

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