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We are pleased to announce our newest advertiser in the 
SPOTLIGHT Senior Services & Living Options Resource Guide

Aging Gracefully Philosophy  

The quality of life our residents enjoy is at the core of our mission. Research
shows that activity, both physical and mental, can improve the overall quality of life.
Our goal is to create a whole person wellness attitude and change how we think
and act in relation to our residents. “Aging Gracefully” is not a “program,” but rather the embodiment of an attitude about the quality of life we provide our residents. It is the
platform upon which family members and staff alike participate to present those
attributes that will allow the residents to rediscover the joy available in life.

All Day Dining Program    

What time is dinner? . . . “whenever you choose.”
The All Day Dining Program is a unique concept designed to provide our residents
 the freedom of choice.   Options like breakfast for dinner or lunch at 2:00 pm rather
than noon.  Whether an early riser or late sleeper, All Day Dining offers the flexibility
 to choose what works best for you.
All Day Dining offers an alternate menu of choices that may include the main
entrée of the day, breakfast items, soups, salads, sandwiches, etc.

Graceful Stays – Short Term Stays – Perfect for Snowbirds!

 “Graceful Stays” gives you the option to try us before making the commitment
to move in.  “Graceful Stays” is also perfect for folks interested in spending a few
 months in Tucson in an effort to escape the bitter winter cold.  All you have to bring
is your clothes!
 Participate in our enriching activities program, enjoy our delicious
cuisine and get to know your neighbors.  Call for pricing and more information
regarding your upcoming “Graceful Stay.”