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Welcome St. James Long Term Care Pharmacy!

St James Long Term Care Pharmacy, LLC
was founded in 2014 by a group of families bound by a friendship that formed
while providing patient care. The ownership of St James is comprised of physicians,
a nurse, a pharmacist, a dietitian, and healthcare business professionals; together,
harnessing decades of patient care experience.  After realizing the significant deficit in pharmacy services for long term care, the group founded St James Long Term Care Pharmacy, LLC with the mission of being different.

Using a unique combination of advanced technology, the group founded a company unlike any other in the region. By providing a tiered level of service, customers can select from a basic standard level of service that will exceed expectations, up to the highest level of service that no other company can offer. Understanding that healthcare costs are constantly rising, St James has resolved to make pharmacy services cost effective.

The name of St James was chosen because St James is a patron saint of the sick, of those with rheumatism, and of pharmacists. The symbol of St James Long Term Care Pharmacy, LLC is the centuries old symbol of pharmacy that signifies health and wisdom. St James Long Term Care Pharmacy, LLC can provide service to a variety of facilities including assisted living, group homes, behavioral health, hospice care, and skilled nursing homes. Fortified by employees who have routinely demonstrated that they are committed to providing the best service, St James Long Term Care Pharmacy, LLC is the company for the future.

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