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About Us

Springdale Village is one of Arizona’s most innovative leaders in the delivery of post acute care and management services.  Unlike other facilities, Sprindale Village provides a campus that also includes Assisted and Independent Living accommodations, guest apartments for visiting family and friends, and even a Short-Term option for ‘snowbird’ patients who might need care while they’re here enjoying our warm Arizona winters. 

While other facilities may strive to maintain the status quo, the staff at Springdale Village is passionately dedicated to the goal of consistently improving our level of care.  Through innovative solutions we’ve made great strides in improving patient care, reducing lengths of stays and preventing 30-day rehospitalizations.

Springdale Village is proud to work in collaboration with East Mesa’s most dedicated physicians, nurses and discharge specialists to provide the best possible outcome for our guests.  Our ability to offer a full spectrum of innovative healthcare solutions, as well as the top line amenities like the fine dining at Broadway Bistro, are rapidly making us the provider of choice in the East Mesa community we are so proud to serve.

Why Choose Us

Experience The Springdale Difference

Springdale Village is much more than East Mesa’s premier retirement community. Along with our independent living and assisted living programs, Springdale Village has been redefining healthcare rehabilitation and skilled nursing through our innovative programs and approaches for over two decades.

Through our state-of-the-art rehab technologies, our Advanced Orthopedic Recovery Program and Advanced Stroke and Neuro recovery programs provide quality outcomes and safe and successful transitions back home to the lifestyle you enjoy.  At Springdale Village we truly believe that the shortest path from hospital to home is through the doors of Springdale Village Rehabilitation Center.

Our Numbers Speak For Themselves

  • 92% of our patients state the progress they made toward goal was “Good” or “Excellent”

  • 95% of our patients rate the quality of our rehab services as “Good” or “Excellent”
  • 93% of our patients will recommend us to their friends
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