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Sonora Behavioral Health  is located on the north western end of Tucson, Arizona close to the Catalina Mountains and next to the major north/South I-10 Freeway. 
Sonora Behavioral Health is licensed for 72 beds and with the addition of the new 76 bed unit coming online in November we will ultimately offer 144 inpatient psychiatric beds.
Sonora Behavioral Health’s mission is to provide superior behavioral healthcare to the individuals and communities we serve. Children (5-11), adolescents (12-17), adults and military personnel in crisis situations can benefit from our broad scope of programs. Our services include inpatient hospitalization for crisis stabilization, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs for continued learning and skill development for living with mental illness and/or addiction.
Sonora believes that mind and body are inseparable and that our responsibility is to treat the whole person in the knowledge that pathology in one affects the level of functioning in the other.  We believe that the human being is a delicate balance of emotional, intellectual, physical, cultural, and spiritual dimensions.  Psychiatric disorders result in disturbances in cognitive, behavioral and affective processes.  These disturbances impair the patient’s ability to perform basic life functions and severely disrupt family, social, and work relationships, which can be ameliorated by prompt psychiatric care.
Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital is committed to the provision of quality behavioral health services to our community.  This commitment is demonstrated through the facility’s mission and supported through effective strategic and budget planning efforts.  Resources are utilized to meet individual patient, family and staff goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  Best practices firmly rooted in evidence and most current information available about human behavior have been incorporated into the plan of care for each program.
Sonora provides a total therapeutic environment through an individualized treatment program for each patient.  Modalities emphasized are group, family, educational, and activity therapies, with a focus on the patient as a unique individual.  Care is provided according to an established code of ethical conduct and strict adherence to patient rights.  Involvement of the family, whenever possible, is encouraged to promote support for the patient’s recovery.
Patient care is evidence-based and centered upon a holistic philosophy meeting the full continuum of care.  Resources are organized around each patient through the development of an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan.  The patient’s strengths provide the cornerstone of the treatment plan and are mobilized from admission, throughout hospitalization and into discharge.  Responsibility for the well-being of the patient is transferred to the patient’s hands as soon as possible.
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