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NuEar Hearing Center was founded on two simple truths- that hearing is a vital sense which plays a significant role in your quality of life and that hearing loss affects everyone uniquely. That’s why we work to solve hearing problems one individual at a time.
From the moment you walk in our front doors in Tucson, to the moment you walk out- We guarantee precise care and satisfaction. We understand that the journey to better hearing begins with a partnership with a hearing health specialist that understands the difficulties hearing loss places on one’s life. We have the knowledge and technology to guide you towards a hearing aid that will fit your unique lifestyle. We do all of this with the utmost care and respect because we know that Tucson is a place worth hearing.
Conveniently located off of East Grant Road, we are proud to serve our Tucson community in their journey to better hearing.

Russell Broadhead, BS, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist
License #HADR9827

Hello Tucson!! My name is Russell Broadhead and I am the Hearing Instrument Specialist of Nuear Hearing Center of Tucson. I am honored to take part in the journey to better hearing of the people of this beautiful city!
For the past four years I have merged my love of art and technology by providing hearing health care for the people of Chicago and am thrilled to now do the same for the people of Tucson. As a hearing practitioner, my goal is to, quite frankly, change people’s lives. Better hearing can take people from isolation and return them to life, fully engaged with family and friends.
One of the best experience of my career was seeing the change in my Father in Law when he was fitted with hearing aids. They truly changed his life.
At her weekly bridge game, a past patient was quiet and aloof because she just couldn’t hear her friends. Now she is engaged and thriving. The smile on her face when she recounted her experience was heartwarming.
Another client had struggled at work because he couldn’t hear his supervisors and coworkers. This caused him great anxiety and affected his work performance. Now he is back ‘in the game’ and experiencing great personal and professional successes thanks to his customized hearing plan.
My core values are Honesty, Integrity, and Family. I graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. I am an Eagle Scout and served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Zimbabwe, Africa. My beautiful wife Jenny and I are the parents of five fantastic daughters and an amazing son.
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