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 Amber Jacoby

Having experienced the deep and personal loss of my husband Dave in 2009 I realized the importance of assistance, guidance and support from others through such a difficult time. Support I did not always have. Although surrounded by family and friends I still had to learn to maneuver the obstacles, red-tape and unforeseen responsibilities of life while also grieving. My goal in developing Jacoby O’Brien Bereavement Business Services is to share in what I have learned and to be a guide for others by offering confidential, competent and caring consultation to help families manage the business of life after loss.

Drawing from my varied background of service to others I am able to help families after the loss of a loved one or in preparation of a loss. My background includes more than fifteen years as a grief support facilitator, twenty years as a health care administrator and I have donated hundreds of hours to both seriously ill children and adults in hospice care. I serve as an advocate for women by facilitating “Authoring Your Own Life”; a leadership workshop offered by the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. I am also active in Rotary International, a member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) and have served as an executive board member and support group facilitator for TuNidito Children and Family Services.

I live my life with a compassionate heart, the ability to see the bigger picture,
being a warrior when taking action for myself and others, and pride myself on being a trusted confidante and friend.

Jan O’Brien

After the loss of my husband, Mike in 1997 and the loss of my son Jack, Airman 1st Class 
in 2002, I made a promise “For positive change I choose to be the best that I can be.” deliberately and immediately decided to start on a journey of healing and growth.

Over the last 17 years I have come to understand the intricacies involved in the loss of a loved one, details of which most may be unaware. Here, when an individual is at their most emotional and vulnerable, I was forced to review and sign unfamiliar documents, maintain the day to day business of life and family, and make choices regarding confusing and life changing matters all while grieving. The overwhelming responsibility of life after loss can often be paralyzing. This has motivated me to serve others as they begin their journey of healing and growth. 

Commitment and dedication to the Tucson community is paramount for me.  
With tenacity and grace, I made my mark in the male-dominated business of automobiles and fuel, one of very few women running a major service station in Southern Arizona.

 I volunteer in many capacities including a half decade run as steering committee 
member and co-chairwoman of the massive “Tucson Festival of Books” Author’s Table dinner at the University of Arizona.  

From wife and mother to business owner, world traveler to artist, I believe life is for the living and that there is significance in both life and death.  I honor my late husband and son by living my life to the fullest, encouraging those around me, guiding and sharing my expertise, and lifting one’s burdens. 
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