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Welcome Hospice Family Care!

About Us:

Hospice care is one of the least known and understood aspects of our nation’s health care system.  Hospice is more than a place; it is a philosophy of care to ease the period before dying both for the patient and for their family.  At Hospice Family Care, Inc., our strength lies with our employees and volunteers.  We feel that together, we can make a different in dispelling the myths and questions surrounding hospice care.

The focus of our care is primarily palliative.  We are dedicated to achieving the highest quality of life through alleviating pain and uncomfortable symptoms.  At all times we stay conscious of supporting the patient to maintain control and dignity in the final months of life. Our successes come from a team approach.  We create a personalized plan of care for each patient, while realizing that this plan may change from day to day.  

Our Promise:

You – the friend, family member, patient, referring physician or the community agency – are the reason we exist. When we are invited into the lives of those who need help, we promise:

  • An immediate response to a referral or a request for more information.  Realizing a call to us is a call for help, we can begin our service within hours if needed.
  • Every phone call will be greeted by a Hospice Family Care employee, not an answering service or machine.
  • For families and loved ones, we offer follow-up for counseling and spiritual guidance for one year after death.
  • Hospice care is what we do best and it’s all we do.
  • Our care does not cease when the physician feels that a more intense form of palliation is indicated (i.e. radiation, chemotherapy, medication modalities, etc.)
  • Patients and their families never receive a bill for our services.
  • Should your insurance plan not cover hospice care or you lack insurance, we will work with you.  No individual will be denied our care solely on their inability to pay.
  • The patient and family are active participants in the plan that is created and the care we provide. 
  • The primary physician continues to orchestrate the patient’s care, while the hospice physician lends medical support when requested.
  • We are there to serve, please tell us what you need!
We offer inpatient services in Prescott and Tucson, AZ but we serve all individuals in these communities, as well as the Mesa area, who need hospice services.  When a patient lives in a facility beside our own, we develop a strong relationship with their management and staff to ensure quality communication. 

Hospice Family Care, Inc. considers our volunteers as a welcome and integral part of our team by supplementing the care provided by the physician, nursing staff, counselors, chaplains and social workers.

Trust our professional staff to keep you living and your loved one the best life possible during a final illness.  Call us today for more information to retain our services immediately. 

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