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How to Start the Preplanning Conversation with Your Loved Ones

Set a time to have the conversation. Schedule it as an appointment with your loved ones, whether you want to share your plans with them or ask them to share their plans with you.

Tell your parent or loved one that you want to ensure their final arrangements are done according to their wishes, and you need their help to make that happen.

Ease into the conversation. Questions such as “Have you ever thought about where you would like to be buried?” or “What type of funeral would you like to have?” may open the discussion to more details about your loved one’s wishes.

Take advantage of funeral-related opportunities. Attending the funeral of a friend, family member or colleague, or watching a movie or television show with funeral scenes, may naturally prompt the discussion with your own loved ones. Talk about what you liked or didn’t like about the services you saw or attended.
Tell your children or loved ones that because you care for them so much, you don’t want to burden them with difficult decisions when you’re gone. Explain that you’ve made your own final arrangements, and give them a written record of what they are.

Make it a family affair. Schedule an appointment with your funeral home or cemetery provider and invite your loved ones along to participate in the creation of your personalized celebration.
Why Funeral Preplanning Makes Sense

Take responsibility for your arrangements. Just as estate planning and creating a will are responsible actions, planning your final arrangements in advance makes emotional and financial sense and protects your loved ones from the burden of planning services for you.

Eliminate guesswork for your family. When you make your funeral arrangements in advance, you’ll help alleviate your family’s burden of making difficult decisions at what will be an already difficult time. With your wishes recorded, they won’t be left to guess what you would have wanted.

Personalize your service. Making your final arrangements in advance allows you to influence the personal details that are important to you. Celebrate your life, your way.

Find the value and quality you want. Investigating different funeral homes is an important part of making final arrangements. Comparison shopping allows you to find the value and quality of service that’s right for you.

5 Things You Need to Know About Preplanning a Funeral

1.         Be informed about the choices available. Prearranging gives you the opportunity to become informed about your options in an unpressured environment, when you have time to think things through. You can select and specify the services and personalized details that truly have meaning to you and your family.
2.         Record your wishes. Many people think they have taken care of everything by writing a will, establishing a living will or even purchasing their cemetery plot. But that’s not all. Your survivors benefit most when you prearrange. You should make sure that your wishes are recorded in writing and shared with family members and your attorney.
3.         Talk about it with your family. Involving those most affected by your death can bring peace of mind and relief to those who will have to carry out your wishes. More importantly, knowing your wishes and carrying them out can bring great comfort to surviving family members and friends.
4.         Consider planning and prepaying for your arrangements. Planning your funeral or cremation service in advance can take care of the details. But only prearranging (prepaying for your services) can take care of the actual expense of the funeral ahead of time, easing the future financial burden on your loved ones.
5.         Insurance may not be enough. Insurance policies are not protected against inflation. Prices of products and services will continue to rise while the amount of your policy coverage remains the same. Your loved ones may not have enough left from the insurance coverage to cover the higher cost of your funeral expenses. Prearrangements purchased through your local Dignity Memorial® professionals combine the benefits of insurance with a guaranteed funeral or cremation service and price, leaving the insurance untouched for the living.

Be Informed About The Choices Available

No one wants to think about planning for their own funeral. How would you like to be remembered? Your funeral or cremation service should be personalized to reflect your wishes and should bring comfort to your family and friends.
Today no two services are alike. Videos, photographs, music, special readings and the involvement of family and friends are all appropriate and encouraged.
Prearranging gives you the opportunity to become informed about your options in an unpressured environment, when you have the time to think things through. You’re in full control and you can select and specify the services that truly have meaning to you and your family.
A Sensible Way to Make Informed Decisions Before Your Time of Need

The death of someone you care for, together with wanting to make the right decision—especially when you have a limited amount of time to attend to all the details—leaves many families feeling overwhelmed. Often these decisions must be made when a family is
grieving and is the least prepared.
Many people have done everything they can to protect their family’s future: invested wisely, opened savings accounts and acquired insurance on their life and home, but they haven’t taken care of their own funeral arrangements—leaving one of the most difficult tasks to their loved ones to figure out at a time of sadness and loss. That’s why it’s so important to give serious thought to your personal wishes and to plan your services in advance.
Talk About it With Your Family and Incorporate Their Wishes

A funeral or memorial service is an important part of the grieving process. For family members and loved ones alike, the service provides an opportunity to express their grief, to share memories and to celebrate a life lived.
When planning your funeral or memorial service, the opinions and wishes of your family should be considered. Prearranging is an excellent time for families to discuss and make objective decisions calmly and rationally together, away from the pressures and stress that often occur at a time of sadness and loss.
Involving those most affected by your death can bring peace of mind and relief to those who will have to carry out your wishes. More importantly, knowing your wishes and carrying them out can bring great comfort to surviving family members and friends.
That’s why many people find prearranging their funeral or memorial service is the best decision they can make for themselves and their family. 
Dignity Memorial® professionals are committed to providing a superior customer experience. In addition to celebrating each life with highly personalized send-offs, there are many unique benefits and services that only your Dignity Memorial providers can offer.
We are fully committed to service beyond expectation. With that promise we offer this guarantee: if there is anything we can do to better serve you before, during or after the service, let us know and we will act on it immediately.
The Compassion Helpline offers families unlimited complimentary phone access to professional grief counselors for 13 months after services are provided by any Dignity Memorial provider throughout North America. In addition, anyone who attends a visitation, chapel or memorial service will have three months access to the Compassion Helpline. Services provided by Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc.
Our nationwide network allows us to partner with global experts who will assist you and your family with time-sensitive travel arrangements. The benefit to you is clear: providing the best available options so that you can be with those who mean so much when it matters most.
Losing someone close to you and the accompanying grief can be hard to comprehend. Our Guidance Series, a grief management resource library, was developed to support and comfort anyone dealing with these complex emotions.
The Dignity Memorial Personal Planning Guide is a valuable tool to help you organize vital end-of-life information. It takes you through the planning process step by step and lets you record your final wishes, personal affairs, family heritage, military history, estate information and more into a single, centralized document.
When you have a plan with a Dignity Memorial provider and move more than 75 miles away, your prearranged funeral services are fully transferable and will be honored by more than 2,000 Dignity Memorial providers in North America.
If you have a Dignity Memorial plan in place, and should you suffer the loss of a child or grandchild, we will provide complimentary funeral or cremation services up to the same level as your plan through any Dignity Memorial provider nationwide. Please note that the child or grandchild must be under the age of 21 and unmarried. This plan is not available in Maryland.
The unexpected death of a loved one can be startling and emotionally difficult to navigate. When that person is far away, it can add an additional layer of stress. With just one phone call, our professionals will take care of all the necessary details to bring your loved one home so that you can focus on honoring their memory. Program services offered by Medical Air Services Association, Inc. and its affiliates.
Should you pass away before your purchased cemetery property is paid for, our Family Protection Plan ensures that any remaining balance due to the cemetery will be waived and
will not be your family’s responsibility. Some restrictions may apply.
East Lawn Palms Mortuary & Cemetery, Funeraria del Angel South Lawn, Desert Rose Heather Cremation & Burial, and Funeraria del Angel are your local Dignity Memorial® providers. They can explain all of the options available to you and can accommodate your wishes to make your celebration a truly unique and personal experience.

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