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Our Mission

We provide professional, dependable financial and personal care services for those who want life to be simple, easy, or no longer a struggle. To give respect and honor the dignity and livelihood of those who have raised, nurtured and mentored the rest of us.
It is our privilege to provide quality care and management for those who are in need of protection and assistance.

What is a Licensed Fiduciary

A fiduciary is someone entrusted to protect property, oversee matters and manage care when people become unable to do so for themselves.
Through the Arizona Supreme Court, Fiduciaries are bonded, background checked, fingerprinted and eventually become licensed. The licensing means a knowledge of the law that applies to caring for others and their finances. They are held to a high standard under the law and are accountable to their clients, their families and the courts. Fiduciaries are expected to be advocates for the clients they serve and help to protect them from abuse and exploitation. Many Licensed Fiduciaries are either former personal trust officers, medical professionals, or human services professionals.

How Can You or a Loved One Benefit?

In today’s busy world, having the time to attend to needed family and loved ones is a challenge.
  • We fill the gap for busy families and treat clients like adopted parents, aunts and uncles.
  • Rescue and relief for busy families.
  • Help for loved ones to live an easier, simpler, and more carefree life.
Licensed Fiduciary Condit and Associates, LLC offers financial peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Financial Management Services

#Keeping the finances organized, current and in good standing are important. We work with your investment advisor, income tax preparer, trust officer, and attorney to provide bookkeeping services such as bill payment, filing of records, bank account reconcilement, letter writing and organization of all your records and documents.

Care Management Services

Our clients benefit from a team of expert medical professionals such as a Geriatric Care Manager, Registered Nurses (RN) Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and several in-home care and health care agencies. Our medical professional team works privately with elders, challenged adults, and their families.

Property Management Services

Property Management ServicesCondit and Associates offers property management responsibilities in regard to the marshalling of assets. A Property Management Coordinator is assigned to facilitate instructed property management services, coordinate, delegate and supervise services among staff and arrange for outside support if applicable.
Some types of property management services included are, but are not limited to
  • Conduct Pictorial Inventory 
  • Arrange for appraisal(s) 
  • On-site staffing during formal inventory/appraisal, maintenance/repairs/installation. 
  • On-site staffing for removal/disposition of property and arrange for and management of appropriate labor. 
  • Obtain bids for sale of personal property
  • Records Management (Sorting)
  • And other property management related services

Additional Services

  • Needs Assessment – to help determine the level of care needed and appropriate living environment.
  • Care Plan Development – a written plan explaining how care needs will be met.
  • Quality Check Visits – periodic, unannounced or announced visit to determine the quality of care being given to a person and their living conditions.
  • Moving Arrangements/Relocation Assistance – sometimes having to downsize can be overwhelming after years of accumulating personal property. We help to find appropriate living alternatives, organize and facilitate the move.

How Services Start

#Services are started by written agreement or by court appointment. Depending upon the types of services desired, Condit and Associates LLC may be named in any of the following documents to carry out services in the event the client becomes no longer able to do certain tasks they otherwise could do for themselves either temporarily, long term or upon death. 

Legal Documents signed by the client and expressly directing specific duties be performed by the licensed fiduciary firm are:

  • Durable, Spring or Limited Power of Attorney for Financial purposes
  • Health Care Power of Attorney for medical purposes
  • Mental Health Power of Attorney for treatment and hospitalization
  • Trustee and Successor Trustee of a Trust
  • Personal Representative under Last Will and Testament
  • Engagement Letter is used when the licensed fiduciary is acting as Agent to the client, power of attorney, trustee or personal representative.
#Court appointments may occur for different reasons. Some examples of why a court appointment is necessary are when a person is incapacitated, has assets that will dissipate if not protected, can no longer take care of themselves and is vulnerable. A court of law appointments an attorney to represent the alleged person in need of protection.
A court investigator is assigned to the case and consults with all interested parties, including the alleged protected person, reviews medical reports from physicians and any other professionals that may be part of the case as a witness. A court hearing occurs to determine if in fact the alleged protected person does need protection and is at risk.

Some types of Court Appointments are:

  • Conservator – responsible for all financial matters outside of a Trust, if one exists.
  • Guardian – responsible a person’s welfare and well being.
  • Trustee – responsible for all trust assets, trust administration and carrying out the terms and conditions of the trust agreement.
  • Personal Representative – responsible for carrying out the terms and conditions of the decedent’s Last Will and Testament.
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