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Complete Hospice Care
Once upon a time a small group of unhappy hospice nurses and a disgruntled human resource manager got together over wings and fries to plan an escape form their frustrations in the hospice industry.  They wondered if all the things they thought would work well would actually work well.  They threw caution to the wind, and lo and behold, most of it not only worked well, but exceedingly well.  Complete Hospice Care is absolutely and without compromise about taking care of patients and families.  We’re also about taking care of each other.  Really, who wants a tired cranky nurse to come into their home anyway? 
Complete Hospice Care prides itself at “B” ing everything you need it to be!
Be great.  Be great at whatever you are.  Be a great nurse, a great social worker, C.N.A. etc., etc.  Complete Hospice is excellent because our people are excellent.  Mostly those of us that sit behind a desk stand back, get out of the way, and let people be wonderful.  They always are.
Be compliant.  All hospices are paid by Medicare, and Medicare requires all of us to follow the same rules. We’re sticklers for the rules.  In fact, we drive the speed limit when people aren’t looking, and always use the crosswalk.
Be nice.  This should be a standard of life. Nice feels better than not nice. It really is the little things that mean the most. We pay attention to the little things, for both the people we work for and the people we work with.
Be wonderful. This is where Complete Care really shines. We’re more than just the wound care or medication change. We are really about what we can do to make it better today? We really think about it. What could make this moment the best it can be? Our question isn’t why would we do something, but instead, why wouldn’t we?

Complete Hospice Care ~ What it means to be completely wonderful!  Give us a call… or drop by.  We love to talk about what we do, and we have cookies.  J
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