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 Circle of Life Alzheimer’s Homes 
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The Circle of Life
The Circle of Life provides assisted living homes in Sedona, Arizona for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. In each home there are 3-5 seniors that live together with a caretaker.
Though we specialize in persons afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia, all seniors are welcome in our homes.  The small number of residents in our homes allows us to provide the one-on-one care and attention each senior deserves. We have a flexible schedule so we can act in accordance with each senior’s desire.

Our visitor hours are open which means you are more than welcome to visit, eat or even stay with us and your family member.
Our Approach
We follow the principles of the personal care centered approach. The Alzheimer’s Society defines this approach as following:

“This approach aims to see the person with dementia as an individual, rather than focusing on their illness or on abilities they may have lost. Instead of treating the person as a collection of symptoms and behaviors to be controlled, person-centered care considers the whole person, taking into account each individual’s unique qualities, abilities, interests, preferences and needs.
Person-centered care also means treating residents with dementia with dignity and respect. “
Our Mission
Our goal at the Circle of Life is to offer support and solutions for every individuals situation. We work intensively with our patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so that they can live as
independently as possible for as long as they can.
Our main priority is to keep our patients mentally and socially stimulated at all times.

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