Our mission at Ability Center is to provide our clients with professional solutions that enable you to lead more active and independent lifestyles.   We accomplish this through a knowledgeable, understanding and compassionate staff who partner with you to provide a quality, one-stop-shop experience.  As a leader in the mobility industry, we honor our responsibility to actively support and participate in the communities we serve.  We have solutions for your home, vehicle and personal use and offer free in home consultations.  

Home Mobility Solutions:
We carry only name brand products to help you be in your help more independently.  Our home solutions allow you to reclaim access to your entire home with products that exude elegance and style.  Our certified and factory trained installers set up the safest and most reliable lifts and ramps that properly fit your home.

*         Indoor stair lifts, both straight and curved

*         Outdoor stair lifts, both straight and curved

*         Vertical Platform Lifts

*         Pool Lifts

*         Environmental Control Units

*         Remote Control Door Openers

*         Portable Ramps

*         And much more…

Vehicle Mobility Solutions:
We know that driving means independence to so many people and we have many products and adaptations to keep you independently driving.  When you and your family are faced with a situation where driving is no longer an option, we also have many products to help you safely transport your loved ones.  We have simple solutions to simply help you get your mobility scooter from place to place and have very complex solutions where people can drive from their wheelchair with the use of electronic driving aids.  Here are some of our vehicle solutions:

*         Wheelchair Accessible Minivans, both used and new

*         Wheelchair Accessible SUV’s, both used and new

*         Scooter and Wheelchair lifts, both interior and exterior

*         Hand controls and driving aids

*         Portable Ramps

*         Auto Access Seats

*         Accessible Vans for Rent

*         And much more….

Personal Mobility Solutions:
Independence starts with simply getting around; getting around your home, getting around your community and around town.  From simple transport wheelchairs to electric scooters and wheelchairs, we have a solution for you.  Let us help you find the best personal mobility device for you:

*         Transport Manual Wheelchairs

*         3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

*         4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

*         Electric Wheelchairs

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