How To Manage Role Reversal When Caregiving

After years of being cared for by your parent, it can feel strange to suddenly discover the tables have turned when he or she has grown older and needs assistance. Managing role reversal is a common challenge new family caregivers face, but you can ease the strain by using the following strategies.

Encourage Independence

Caregivers sometimes make the mistake of going overboard when they first take on their duties. Though you want to give back to your loved one for all his or her years of parenting, it is also important to take a step back and let him or her perform tasks independently. Find ways to encourage your loved one to be independent, such as offering a mobility aid or allowing for extra time while he or she gets dressed.

Seek Outside Help

Some tasks are simply difficult for adult children to help their parents with during their daily routine. For example, a strained relationship over the years may have made it hard for your loved one to accept your assistance. Alternatively, you may not feel comfortable helping with private tasks like bathing. In these cases, a Prescott live-in home caregiver can step in to help with de-escalating a potentially awkward situation.

Practice Open Communication

Throughout the years, your loved one has provided guidance for your life, and his or her preferences should still be respected. Involve your loved one in major decisions, such as how he or she wants to handle a health condition or whether or not he or she prefers a certain caregiver. By letting your loved one have a voice, you can prevent arguments regarding how to handle his or her Prescott elderly care.

Focus on Building New Bonds

New caregivers sometimes worry about beginning to see their parents as a burden, but the majority of adult children discover new things about their parents that strengthen their bond. As you spend time together, listen to your loved one’s stories and plan new experiences. Choosing to view your new roles as an opportunity for bonding may help you see this role reversal as a positive thing.
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