How To Keep Seniors Cool in a Heat Wave

Heat waves are uncomfortable for most people, but they can be deadly for seniors. Soaring temperatures can cause serious medical consequences for the elderly, and finding ways to keep your loved one cool during a heat wave can be essential to his or her overall health and wellbeing. The senior care experts at Home Care Assistance of Prescott have a few simple tips for keeping your senior loved one cool on the hottest days.

Stay in Contact

When the temperatures start to rise to the top of the thermometer, make an extra effort to check on any seniors who are living alone. Make sure they have adequate air conditioning, cold water, and ventilation in their homes. Some seniors are often unaware when temperatures have reached dangerous levels, so it is important to check on your loved one often to make sure he or she is staying cool.

Take Your Loved One Out

If your loved one lives in a home without air conditioning, it may be necessary to get him or her out of the situation until the weather returns to normal levels. This may mean staying in a hotel or simply going to a cooling station during the day. Many cities open gyms and recreation centers for people who are seeking to beat the heat. A day at the movie theater or indoor mall may be just what your loved one needs to keep cool.

Keep Him or Her Hydrated

Seniors often get dehydrated quickly, so it is important they get the right amount of fluids to stay healthy. In addition to drinking water, it is vital they drink an adequate amount of electrolytes, which are lost when your loved one sweats. Electrolytes can be found in many sports drinks.
Staying cool during a heat wave is important for all seniors, but if your loved one faces any health challenges,it may be difficult to do what it takes to avoid the heat. A professional caregiver from Home Care Assistance can offer that extra helping hand. At Home Care Assistance, we offer live-in and part-time hourly care in Prescott, and our caregivers can provide transportation or even go grocery shopping whenever your loved one starts running low on fluids. For more information, call a Care Manager today at 928-771-0105 to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.