How to Become a Senior Caregiver

Senior caregivers are in high demand. It’s a tough job, but it can pay well and is a rewarding career! You don’t need to be a medical practitioner or have years of experience to become a senior caregiver – you just need some basic training and education on how to care for seniors.

At Visiting Angels Prescott, we believe senior caregivers are extraordinary and serve a critical role in the lives of seniors. We’ll give you some tips on how to get started!


The best way to get your foot in the door is by volunteering your time to help neighbors, friends, or family caring for an elderly loved one. Allow yourself time to see if this line of work might be right for you. It doesn’t take much to bring some comfort to these seniors – and some relief to their family members! From helping with household tasks, to sitting with them while family members are at work, your time volunteering in your community can help you gain valuable experience. Make sure you mention your volunteer work when you apply for jobs – they may not ask about volunteer work on their application but sharing your experience can give you an added boost during an interview.

First Aid and CPR Training

Many in-home care companies encourage or require first aid and CPR training. Having this knowledge under your belt provides a valuable service to others and shows potential employers that you know what you’re doing and take your position seriously. First Aid and CPR training classes are available through the American Heart Association in almost every community.

Subject Knowledge

Learning can come in many forms –podcasts, books, and courses, just to name a few! We’ve found that listening to podcasts about family caregiving helps our companion caregivers learn the problems families face and how to manage those in the best way. Here are a few podcasts to start. Books written specifically for seniors about aging well are packed with great tips and ideas for ensuring your client’s care.

Join Caregiver Support Groups

Get to know other senior caregivers by joining a professional organization or caregiver support group. You can meet others in your community in the same boat as you, share tips and resources, and learn from each other’s experiences. You may even find professional opportunities through networking. Don’t forget about online communities, like Facebook, for more connection with others in the field.

Look For Training Programs

Many in-home care agencies offer certification programs, which will provide you with more hands-on experience and an opportunity to network with potential employers. Look for additional certifications, training, and education that will help you learn more about the field. CNA and PCA classes can also help you further your career in this field. These certifications aren’t necessary to start a fulfilling career in senior caregiving but can further your career and open more opportunities for different kinds of cases. CNA and PCA courses are available through a local vocational school or community college or online and take about three to six months to complete.

Visit A Career Fair

Career fairs are another great place to meet potential employers and get connected with people in the field. Many home care agencies will attend these events, as well as professional organizations and training services.

Determine Your Strengths

Decide what type of senior care you’d enjoy the most. For instance, Visiting Angels Prescott offers companion care, transportation services, and personal care. Our team is always looking for caregivers with unique skill sets that make them the perfect fit for the job.

Join the Visiting Angels Prescott Team

Beginning or changing to a career in senior caregiving is easier than you may think. We’re always searching for compassionate caregivers to match our elderly clients for various in-home care services. Our goal is to help seniors stay independent in their homes as long as possible. If you’d like to be a part of this goal, visit the website and fill out an employment form!

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