Heartland Hospice ~ How To Talk About Hospice

How to Talk About Hospice 

At Heartland, we fully understand that conversations regarding hospice can be difficult. So, we have developed guidelines to help the conversation between you and your patient, resident or family member.
The Heartland team is specially trained to talk to your patients and their families about hospice care. Feel free to contact us at any time, we can meet with you or your patients to discuss the benefits of hospice care. 
Here are suggestions on how to begin the discussion of hospice care:
1. Hospice care not only helps with managing your symptoms, but, also helps you and your family with emotional and spiritual support.
2. You don’t have to be ready for hospice. In fact, hospice doesn’t expect you to be ready. You just have to be eligible for the services which can increase the quality of your life.
3. Many people think that hospice care is for the last few days of life, when in fact patients can receive it much earlier. In customer satisfaction surveys, many families said they wish they had known about hospice sooner.
4. Receiving hospice care may help you avoid frequent trips to the hospital.
5. One of the hospices we work with, Heartland, does not require that you sign a DNR to receive hospice care.
6. You can see your own doctor.
7. If hospice is not for you, you can revoke the hospice benefit and go back onto Medicare or your regular insurance plan.
8. You may be eligible through Medicare for services to help you cope with your terminal illness. May I have someone from hospice speak with you?
9. Hospice care for the patient and the family can help make coping with terminal illness a little easier.
10. If you are eligible for hospice, you do not have to give up your comforting treatments as long as they are related to your terminal prognosis.
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