Fellowship Square Mesa ~ Residents Have Fewer Hospital Visits

“We have known for a long time that residents at our community have fewer hospital visits, including return hospitalization. It is nice to see that empirical evidence is confirming our findings.” Jon Scott Williams, Executive Director, Fellowship Square-Mesa
Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging recently cited a study that investigated various factors that increase one’s chances of being hospitalized. Very little research has been focused on characteristics of one’s environment that may help prevent hospitalization but this study is working to better understand the factors. A key finding shows that, “Unsurprisingly, older adults with multiple chronic conditions were more likely to report frequent hospitalizations. However, among those who had multiple chronic conditions, individuals who lived in senior housing were hospitalized less often than those who lived in traditional housing. This suggests that there is a significant health benefit to living in senior housing, particularly for older adults who have multiple chronic conditions.”
This is a good time to remind all of our residents and our staff about the importance of healthy living. Every day at Fellowship Square-Mesa we offer residents multiple opportunities to take control of their lifestyle and stay out of the hospital.

·         Fitness
o   Instructor led fitness programs
o   Resident led fitness classes
o   24 X 7 access to the fitness center
·         Healthy dining
o   Every meal offers healthy dining choices
·         Health and Wellness
o   Classes & workshops
·         Lifelong Learning
o   Meaningful brain engagement
§  Weekly classes
§  Social interaction
·         Resident Portal
o   Articles and links to relevant health & wellness sites
o   Monthly newsletter with healthy living article
o   Newly released book reviews & public TV programming recommendations

In addition to offering daily living and wellness programs Christian Care offers Home Health Care for those residents who do need additional assistance. Find out more about Christian Care Home Health Care in the Resident Portal and at the reception desk in the main lobby.