Fellowship Square Mesa Promotes “Heal the Hero Foundation”

Heal the Hero Foundation

There is a relatively new Arizona based foundation that is committed to helping veterans and first responders recover from traumatic head injuries. I was inspired by their stories and I thought you might like learning about the innovative services they provide.
Heal the Hero Foundation is a public charity, that advocates and funds advanced, proven health technology solutions, making them available free-of-charge to qualifying veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters and their families who have experienced severe brain trauma. Today, these technologies are opening dramatic possibilities for new levels of wellness and brain performance. “The brain is now believed to self –repair and even regenerate neuropathways. This means we can potentially optimize our capabilities with greater regularity. While this solution has yielded dramatic results, accessibility and affordability have eluded the veteran and first responder communities in general. Heal the Hero changes that” (Heal the Hero website 2017).
A New Healthcare World
“We are embarking in a new healthcare world which is not about limiting access or offering price-discounted care. This fundamental shift places emphasis on our self-health management and technological possibilities. It is happening because our health as a nation is broken: we spend the most money in the world today on healthcare on a relative cost basis with the worst outcome” (Heal the Hero website 2017).
“There is no end in sight to the cycle of severe stress and its complications for veterans and first responders. We believe that this continues to be a national crisis. We also believe in the success potential of these men and women, and their capability to perform at high levels, firing on all cylinders. Heal the Hero is privileged to fund the programs that deliver brain fitness and release that potential” (Heal the Hero website 2017).
How Does It Work?
The body is electronically connected and constantly in communication with itself. An assessment begins by putting a client through a multi-step process that includes “GSR Technology” (Galvanic Skin Response). The client places his/her hand on a cradle (looks like a computer mouse) to run a scan. (Skin conductance measurement is one component of polygraph devices and is used in scientific research of emotional or physiological arousal. The scientific study of GSR began in the early 1900s.) As a result of the scan, a detailed report is produced of specific, individualized information that can help the healthcare provider design a personalized wellness program.

The personalized wellness program may include one or more devices that are intended to help the brain self-repair and regenerate neuropathways during restful sleep. Visit the website to learn more about this wonderful program https://www.healthehero.org/ and watch a YouTube video of real people who have been helped by this wonderful program https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRJWRTqKHbgF4q1GledWiQ.

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