Eye Protection Is For Everyday & Everyone


Safety glasses protect your eyes as well as your loved ones eyes from not only the damaging UV rays, they are impact resistant and comfortable to wear. The wrap round styles reduce the amount of wind that can often dry out sensitive eyes.  

Glasses are available in smaller sizes which fit slender faces. With spring and summer on the way more of us will be outside exposed to the sun and UV rays for longer times.  More information can be obtained by going to: 

The Prevent blindness Web page at www.preventblindness.org/uv  

The UV rays have been linked to Cataracts as well as a number of other visual concerns. As part of your caregiving duties do not forget how sensitive the eyes of our senior citizens can be.  Not all eyewear has UV protection this includes many of the “toy” glasses young kids are seen with.  All of our glasses, clear, smoke, amber and mirrored have the UV protection.

For those who wear glasses you will find (OTG) over the glass safety glasses which come in clear as well as smoke color lens.

Prevent Blindness recommends speaking with an eye care professional to ensure proper eye protection is being used no matter what the outdoor activity may be. At Tucson Safety & Medical Supply we carry over 40 styles and shades of safety glasses to choose from. Many have stylish frames as well as a full range of lens colors. If at work or at play it is just common sense to keep your eyes safe.

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