ElderHealth in the SPOTLIGHT!

We are pleased to introduce ElderHealth! From advanced care planning to home based primary care, we are here to help. ElderHealth PLLC is a medical practice specializing in providing in-home care to people with memory disorders. Our mission is to support families, improve quality of life, and keep people at home as long as possible. We work with families and caregivers to find ways to deal with behavioral issues without using risky medications.

Our team includes an MD board certified geriatrician, a Nurse Practitioner with extensive work with older adults with memory issues, a Nurse Practitioner certified in palliative care with extensive research in alternative therapies for behavioral issues and a Social Worker certified in palliative care and committed to helping families keep their loved one in the home. Our team also includes a certified music therapist, an art guide and a counselor to add additional support.

Our primary care services are available with a paid annual membership. Our unique advanced care planning services, geriatric consultations, and social services consultations are offered via telehealth without a membership and are generally covered by Medicare. Please visit our website for more information!