Certified Senior Housing Professional Su Swanne

The Seniors Real Estate Institute congratulates Su Swanne – Realtor, Long Realty in Tucson on becoming a Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP).
Thank you, Su, for choosing to serve seniors!
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I am delighted to receive this honor. It signifies that I have dedicated my time and energy, and lifetime experience, to serve the needs of seniors who are moving from one home to another as they journey through their life. Their needs are often more detailed and complex than “ordinary moves”, and there are always the factors of fear and emotional attachments to consider.

I appreciate your support as I move into this area of expertise while serving my clients. If you know someone who is considering moving, but is hesitant, I would appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation about what that move might mean. It’s better to plan in advance than have to make a decision during a crisis. 

Contact me via email, phone, or text to arrange a confidential, no-obligation consultation.