CenterWell Senior Primary Care’s Approach to Healthcare

We all want to live our best lives, and we want our friends, family and loved ones to live their best lives, too.

CenterWell Senior Primary Care knows many things impact a person’s health and well-being. In fact, research points to about 80% of a person’s health being determined by a combination of non-clinical factors, including health behaviors, physical environment, and social factors such as education, access to nutritious food, transportation and financial resources. At CenterWell, our team approach – which includes nurses, referral coordinators and behavioral health specialists – allows us to assess and address these and other factors that affect seniors.

CenterWell’s focus is on underserved communities and those disproportionately affected by poverty, who often face additional barriers to healthcare and are at an increased risk for mental illness and chronic disease. These factors ultimately lead to lower life expectancy, so our goal is to increase access to quality healthcare for this population.

In recent years, Humana made a “Bold Goal” commitment to improve the health of the communities we serve. We partner with local organizations to help address social needs like food insecurity, transportation, and social isolation. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we worked with Capital Area Human Services District to help better integrate mental health care with physical health care because we know that being healthy goes beyond just physical wellness. In Louisville, Kentucky, we’re partnering with ElderServe and the Lord’s Kitchen. ElderServe focuses on helping older adults live independently, and the Lord’s Kitchen provides meals and support to the hungry and those struggling with addiction. And in Charlotte, North Carolina, we have partnered with The Shepherd’s Center, which provides a network of support for the senior community to increase social connection, expand access to critical resources and combat the negative effects of isolation.

The struggle with isolation, limited socialization and loneliness can be challenging for seniors to
overcome. In addition to partnerships with local organizations, many CenterWell Senior Primary Care centers include activity centers that are open to everyone in the community, not just patients. Centers host movie and popcorn events, bingo, and educational classes on Medicare, nutrition and healthy living.

When leaving the center, CenterWell wants our patients to feel supported both physically and
emotionally. Our care team works to create an environment where patients feel that their health is our top priority. We provide all our patients with resources both inside and outside of CenterWell that can help them live healthier, happier lives.