Caring Senior Service “The Women Vs. Men: Who Needs Long-Term Care Most Often?”


There’s a reason you see many more older women than men at the bingo parlor – – women live longer than men. For most of us, that’s really no secret, but the related numbers may be surprising:

  • 14% of the U.S. population is made up of older (65+) Americans.
  • Of this group, women outnumber men greater than 4:3.
  • Persons reaching age 65 have an average life expectancy of an additional 19.2 years (20.4 years for females and 17.8 years for males).
  • In Texas, the population of older Americans has increased over 30% from 2000 to 2011 (2.7 million).
  • Stress — women, as a group, tend not to internalize stress as much as men.  Also important is the fact that women have stronger social connections than men, which help them vent and share their stress.
  • Delay of the onset of cardiovascular disease. Women tend to develop cardiovascular problems in their 70’s and 80’s, while the male trend is in the 40 – 50 age bracket. Estrogen is credited as keeping the arteries strong.
  • Men often take bigger risks with their well-being than women. Unfortunately this biological marker leads to more men dying earlier.
  • Women take better care of their health. It’s estimated that 28% of men don’t have a regular doctor.
The fact that women live longer means that many of them will need long-term care – and need it for a longer period of time than men. The insurance industry has taken note of this fact as well. Long-term care insurance rates rose between 20-30% for a female policy from 2013-2014, while a male policy actually dropped about 15%.
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