Caring Senior Service “Safeguard the Elderly Against the Outdoor Heat”

Relaxen im Liegestuhl

As we get closer to the end of the dog days of summer we must remember that we are not out of danger when it comes to the heat of the late-summer sun. As we all know, the sun continues to provide us with its extensive warmth all the way through September.
The dangers involved with going out into the heat of the sun are often overshadowed by the dangers of sunburn. Prolonged exposure to the sun results in sunburn, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and heat stroke. There are a number of things we can do to avoid these conditions but ultimately, the best way to avoid these dangers for our seniors, is to pay close attention to them.
1. Visit them twice a day and help them stay in contact with their neighbors. This is very helpful since seniors who remain isolated are at risk of heat related conditions.
2. Avoid going outside during the mid-day heat. Plan any errands for the morning or late evening.
3. Stay hydrated. Do not wait until you are thirsty since it takes time for your brain to signal thirst. It is important to note that for seniors, the thirst sensation is even less sensitive than that of younger adults.
4. Wear appropriate clothing. For seniors, the body’s ability to cool itself is not as good as it once was. Compensate for this by donning clothes that are cool, breathable and loose-fitting.
5. Wear lots of sunscreen ensuring that the ears, nose and lips are protected with a minimum of an SPF 15 sunscreen. Consider wearing a hat and sunglasses as well. The hat will help protect your head and provide shade to your neck and face. Sunglasses with UV protection will protect your eyes and reduce the risk of developing cataracts.