CareMore Brain Health Program In Tucson


According to the State of Arizona, by 2020 one in four Arizonians will be over the age of 60. With such a dramatic rise in the aging population, programs targeted toward this age group are more important than ever. CareMore, a Medicare advantage health plan that exclusively serves the senior population has recently expanded its Brain Health program to the Tucson area to promote prevention and treatment for those affected by dementia and other conditions that affect mental health. The Brain Health Program is a great early intervention program for patients and their caregivers. It was first launched in CareMore’s Southern California market and has been well received. 

Early results show that CareMore’s Brain Health Program reduced emergency room visits, hospitalizations and falls. Nearly two-thirds of caregivers assumed an active role in monitoring medication for their loved one and 94 percent said they felt the program improved their understanding of dementia as well as their ability to provide better care.

“Patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s are profoundly mismanaged,” Dr. Pratty said. “After some struggle, they are given diagnoses — but little else in terms of guidance and support. This results in costly and unhelpful diagnostic workups, and countless avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Meanwhile, the patient often suffers from profound feelings of loneliness, isolation and hopelessness.”

Dr. James Pratty, senior medical officer for behavioral health and psychiatry at CareMore, and his team designed a model of care for those with brain health issues. It starts with identifying brain health patients early and assigning them to a multidisciplinary team that takes a broad view of their illness, including providing them with information on fall prevention, medication safety and adherence, legal documentation and nutrition.

 To learn more about the program, visit: or call (844) 624-3302.